September 7, 2018
A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs

Your squad wants to plan a trip to Las Vegas, but you aren’t necessarily interested in dancing the night away. Yes, Las Vegas is an unforgettable city with lots of clubs and casinos, but if that’s not your style, don’t be worried! Las Vegas still has a wide variety of activities to offer, even for those who aren’t interested in the party life. So I’ve compiled this Girl’s Guide to Vegas for those of you who aren’t into the club scene.

A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs

I do not consider myself a huge partier. In fact, it’s a lot of effort to get me to go outside past 9:00 pm. However, I am an avid trip planner, and I have loved every time I have gone to Vegas with the girls! I will admit I was a little bit nervous during my first trip there, but now that I have been a few times, I have not only accumulated a list of non-club activities for our girls, but I love going back!


Fremont Street is a covered street in downtown Las Vegas and used to be the main Las Vegas strip. Some of the oldest Las Vegas casinos can be found here, and you’ll be entertained just by walking around. You will want to use Uber or Lyft to get to Fremont Street.

On one trip, we did the SlotZilla zip line where you lay on your stomach Superman-style across the trip. We did this just after sunset and got a fantastic view of the strip, and we were surprised at how much it was worth it. It does cost $45 but is so much fun.

Besides gambling in the casinos, you can take a photograph with a stack of one million dollars in Binion’s Gambling Hall. They will print out photos for your entire group to take home, for free!

You can walk through the vintage casinos, eat snacks, and even attend free concerts that take place right on the strip.

A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs


Las Vegas has a wide variety of really unique and fun museums to visit on your trip.

The Neon Museum is a collection of iconic Las Vegas signs. Tickets range from $15-48, with one hour guided tours available. If you do a night tour, you can see some of the signs lit up! The $48 ticket will give you entry to The Mob Museum as well.

One of my best friends was really excited to visit The Mob Museum, which is the National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement. For $16.95-$26.95 a person, you can learn about some of the area’s old school criminals. This museum is located within walking distance of Fremont Street as well.

I’d say that the two above are the most popular, but Las Vegas also offers the National Atomic Testing Museum, the Pinball Hall of Fame, and more. There are many learning experiences available in the city!

A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs


With any group, every time we visit Vegas we always have to spend some time walking the strip of Las Vegas. In my past few Las Vegas trips, we usually start at Planet Hollywood and walk up to the Venetian. My groups always end up visiting the shops at Caesars Palace and The Venetian, just because the hotels are so interesting to walk through. You might also want to consider taking a rideshare to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign located at the south end of the strip.

A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs

There are many free activities and sites to keep your eye out for while walking down the strip. The Fountains of Bellagio have shows that go off nearly every 30 minutes during the afternoon, with people lining up at the fountain a few minutes before for the best view. It’s always a surprise to see how high the water will go. The Bellagio also offers the Conservatory & Botanical Garden, which has gorgeous floral arrangements that change throughout the year and are a very popular photo stop.

A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs

Caesars Palace has a Fall of Atlantis show that takes place every hour for free in their shopping mall, where you can also see their 50,000-gallon aquarium. The High Roller Observation Wheel at The Linq is the world’s tallest observation wheel, and the 30-minute ride has large cabins for you to walk around in. The Mirage has the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, where you can see both dolphins and gorgeous white tigers. The Venetian offers Gondola Rides to help you feel like you are actually in Italy. If you can’t make it to Europe anytime soon, this could be a fun alternative.

Each hotel is going to offer something fun to get guests inside at their casinos, so enjoy your time walking around. If your party is interested in going out in the evening, you will also run into club promoters who will offer to put you on a club’s guest list with drinks for free.

A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs


If you have an extra day or two, consider a day trip outside of Las Vegas. One friend and I spent the day visiting the Grand Canyon, checking an item off both of our bucket lists. We did a West Rim tour of the Grand Canyon, which takes you to the Skywalk glass bridge over the canyon. We chose this tour because it was shorter and got us back to our group in time for dinner. The Hoover Dam was included in our day trip, which was a neat stop. You might also be interested in Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend, which are very popular destinations with incredible natural views and endless Instagram photo-ops.

A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs

Los Angeles is surprisingly close to Las Vegas as well, being only a four-hour drive away. There are many tours that will even pick you up at your hotel, and get you to and from Las Vegas. All you have to do is enjoy the ride! Keep in mind, for most of these tours you will be starting your day insanely early, so I would not recommend staying out too late the night before. Plan your day trips during a calmer portion of your trip.

A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs


Once you start telling people that you went to Las Vegas, they are probably going to ask you if you went to any shows. I would recommend seeing at least one show while in Las Vegas. It’s part of the Las Vegas experience, and there are a wide variety from which to choose.

For a Bachelorette party, my group had a blast at Australia’s Thunder from Down Under, which was so ridiculous we were all smiling the entire time. Las Vegas also has magic, comedy, Cirque du Soleil, and regular concerts to appeal to different audiences. I went to a Blue Man Group concert with my dad when I was 15 and had a blast. The shows really can appeal to all ages and all interests.

A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs

Even if you aren’t interested in going to day parties and nightclubs your entire weekend, or if your group just gets worn out, there are still plenty of activities in Las Vegas to keep everyone in your group comfortable and having a good time. Especially with the right group of friends, Las Vegas does truly have something to offer to everyone!

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? If you have any additional tips for our readers or questions please leave these in the comments below.

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A Girl’s Guide To Vegas - When You Aren't Into Clubs

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      I’m glad that you found this list useful! I know – when I was researching what to do in Vegas, I was surprised at what I found!

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