Getting Published 

1) How can I get published on We accept travel article submissions directly on our website. We provide detailed instructions on getting published and increasing your chances of your article being chosen here.

2) What should I write about? Please see our Article Inspiration page where we detail some topics we are currently seeking articles to publish.

3) Where can I submit my article?  You can submit your travel article on our Contribute page.

4) What if I have other questions? All your questions should be answered on our Contribute Page and on our Story Submissions Guidelines page.

5) Do you pay for articles? No. We currently do not have budget to pay for any articles published on our site. Your article will have links to your blog and social channels, will be sent to our email list, will be promoted on our social channels and reach our 75k unique readers per month which we feel is a fair exchange.

6) I want to promote my product or business on Please visit our Work With Us page to learn more about our partnership options. Please note, we only accept paid partnerships at present. Please reach out if and when you have a budget for this.

7) I want to sponsor an article on If you want to sponsor a blog post or have a link added to our website please find more information here.

8) How else can I get my blog featured on We Are Travel Girls is a community for women around the world. We are often contacted by bloggers and small new businesses that are looking for advice to grow their audience and want to be featured on our blog. Whilst there are lots of ways to become part of our community we have now added an a additional option to become a featured blogger or brand on! Click here for more information on how to become a featured blogger.

Getting Featured On Instagram

1) How can I get my photo featured on @wearetravelgirls? The most likely way for us to see your photo and feature it is to submit your photo with a detailed travel tip or caption on our site here. We have over 1 million tags to our hashtag #wearetravelgirls, so whilst we recommend you use the hashtag and tag us we are more likely to feature your photo if it is submitted via our Photo Submission Page.

2) Do you charge for features? No we do not charge to feature any women on our Instagram page. However, if you are a brand or destination seeking a promotion on our page we do charge for collaborations. Please visit our Work With Us Page for more information.

3) Why do you only feature ‘perfect’ images on Instagram? As with most Instagram accounts, the page is a highlight reel of travel showcasing destinations in a beautiful way. We work hard to vary the images we share and show diversity, and we avoid posting lots of bikini perfect shots, however we appreciate that the page may not always show the real, raw side of travel. BUT that’s where our website comes in! Our Instagram is the highlight reel and is filled with real travel stories from real women in the community!

Travel With Us

1) I want to travel with you, how can I do that? We run a variety of educational retreats, active escapes and trips around the world. You can explore our destinations and book your spot on an upcoming trip on

2) Are you a travel agent? No. We cannot plan your personal vacation or give you personalised advice on planning your trip.

3) What types of trips do you offer? We offer a variety of trips, including educational group retreats, active escapes and country tours. You can explore all of our destinations on

4) When can I find information about all your trips? Go to our dedicated website where you will find all of our upcoming trips, prices, itineraries and dates. 

Work With Us

1) I want to work with you, how can I do that?  Please visit our Work With Us page for all the information on how you can work with us.

2) I want to have a link to my business or a sponsored article on your website, how can I do that?  Please contact us at to discuss this. Please note we do not do any link exchange, free links, or unpaid articles for business promotions. If you do not have a budget upwards of USD 250 then please get in touch at a later date when you do.

3) I want to join your team, how can I do that?  We are currently not hiring anyone new to our team. If and when we are hiring we will send an email out to our subscriber list so make sure you are subscribed here.

4) How do I become an ambassador for We Are Travel Girls? We hand select women to invite to become ambassadors. To become an ambassador you need to have written and been published on at least five times. Please start contributing articles if you are interested in becoming an ambassador in the future. All the information for our ambassador program can be found here.

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