We Are Travel Girls is a global travel community created to inspire, connect, educate and empower female travellers around the world.

Founded by Becky van Dijk and Vanessa Rivers in 2016, We Are Travel Girls connects women online here at WeAreTravelGirls.com and shares daily travel inspiration on our popular Instagram @WeAreTravelGirls. An integral part of our community is also bringing women together offline by hosting We Are Travel Girls Meet Ups  and Travel Girls Getaways around the world.

Who is a travel girl? Travel girls are women of all ages. They are women of every colour and ethnicity, from every walk of life, mothers and daughters, sisters and friends. They are women from all over the world wanting to connect through travel – women looking for inspiration to have the courage to chase their dreams. It’s women just like you.


Meet The Founders

Becky and Vanessa met during a swimwear design course at London College of Fashion and bonded over their mutual love for travel and bikinis. Soon after, Becky started the Instagram page @WeAreTravelGirls, which quickly attracted thousands of female travel writers from across the globe, looking to feature their photos and stories. It soon became apparent that there was a striking number of amazing travel blogs, but there wasn’t a proper site that could showcase their unique stories to the world. And so the idea of We Are Travel Girls was born.

We now publish five new stories per week from girls in our community bringing you travel inspiration, travel tips and travel advice. We recently launched the interview series Ladies We Love, where we interview inspirational women around the world, and to bring this community together offline we regularly host meet-ups and events where you can connect with other female travellers. And this year we are excited to introduce Travel Girls Getaways where you can travel with the founders, and other travel-loving women. Thank you for being part of our travel community!

Our Team

Becky van Dijk

Becky van Dijk


Becky van Dijk grew up in London. After university, she took a 6-month trip through South East Asia that ignited her passion for travel. Becky went on to have a successful career in finance, but soon her feet were restless and she left for another adventure – an 18-month trip through South America as well as Italy, Spain, Canada, Alaska and California. Having explored over 50 countries, Becky soon realised that building a life and career around travel was her dream and so to make that happen she began sharing her travels on BeckyvanDijk.com and here on We Are Travel Girls.

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Vanessa Rivers


Vanessa Rivers grew up on a ranch on the Central Coast of California and attended college at UC Santa Barbara, where she fell in love with surfing. Surfing led Vanessa around the world and it was on one of these trips that she decided to combine her love of the ocean and nature to create an eco-friendly swimwear line, SUMMERLOVE SWIM. Vanessa is currently based out of London, lives part-time in California, and spends much of her time traveling, documenting her adventures on her blog, GlitterandMud.com, and here on We Are Travel Girls. Vanessa is also a proud new mom to a little travel girl in the making called Sadie.

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Hannah Robinson

PR and Collaborations Manager

Hannah grew up in Orange County, California and spent her childhood acting in Hollywood until she spent one summer in Spain, falling in love with travel, intercultural exchanges and languages. She is bilingual in Spanish, and has studied, worked, and visited over 40 countries. She is an avid Equestrian and scuba diver and loves nothing more than talking travel tales. Hannah has created her career as a freelance marketing & PR consultant while she travels, so you can find her working in a cafe somewhere in the world, with a matcha latte in hand.

Charlotte Louise

Charlotte Louise

Senior Contributor

Charlotte is half English half French, and was born and raised in London before spending her teenage years in Ibiza. She went to university in Madrid for five years, moved back to London for a few years, and is now currently living in Paris. After traveling to nearly all continents and having lived in different countries, Charlotte started her travel blog last year to share her amazing travel experiences around the world. She’s a curious person by nature and, when it comes to travelling, Charlotte takes every opportunity to explore the world and discover new gems. She’s fascinated by the beautiful world we live in and nothing makes her happier than escaping somewhere new. In addition to being a true wanderluster, she’s very sporty, a passionate foodie, an animal lover, sun chaser and amateur photographer.

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Leah Sullivan

Leah Sylvia Sullivan

Graphic Design Intern

Leah is a graphic design graduate from Auckland New Zealand who’s excited to be living her dream, travelling the world. Her creative and outgoing nature gives her a deep passion for exploring, taking photos, writing and designing. In July 2016, after saving up her pennies, she jet-setted off to Europe (boyfriend in tow) in search of new adventures. Throughout her travels, she’s continued to work as a freelance graphic designer, and started a travel blog, which aims to give people the inspiration and information to do it all themselves. Travelling has given Leah the spark to keep her design career alive, while at the same time enjoying everything Europe has to offer.

Anny Wooldridge We Are Travel Girls

Anny Wooldridge


Anny Wooldridge was born and raised in a small town in Norfolk, England. She is a passionate traveller and has visited over 28 countries as well as living and working in Greece, France, USA and Colombia. Her travel inspiration came from her father who inspired her to fulfil her travel dreams after graduating from University in 2013. She started a travel blog inspiring others to travel and has pursued her passion for writing ever since as a freelance travel writer and editor. She is currently living, working and travelling around Colombia discovering the beauty the country has to offer. In addition to her love for travel she is a competition water skier and has been participating in the sport since the age of 12.

Ryan Rappeport

Ryan Rappeport

Web Developer

Don’t be alarmed, there is a guy on the We Are Travel Girls team too! Ryan is the web developer for We Are Travel Girls, taking care of the website and all of the technology going on behind the scenes. Growing up in Los Angeles, Ryan has always been an avid world traveler, particularly to warmer climates. After graduating from Loyola Law School and working for Deloitte’s Analytic and Forensic Technology group, Ryan now runs his own website development company at Salty Collective.

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