November 15, 2016

Imagine yourself standing on the edge of a desert expanse; hot wind blows through your hair and ornately draped cloth bellows in the breeze. As you meander forward, food trucks line your path, as exotic textiles and art instillations tower above you. Soon you are overpowered with color, light, sounds, and smells. There are lasers, aerial dancers, face paint, gong baths, meditations and yoga. A wild juxtaposition of chaos and calm. This is Wonderfruit.


Held every December, Wonderfruit is a four-day festival of art, music and sustainable living in the coastal town of Pattaya, Thailand. It is a relatively new festival, this being only its third year running, but if you are traveling to Thailand it is one that should 100% be on your bucket list! So, how do you navigate this beautiful sensory overload? Let’s break it down!

There are many different types of tickets you can purchase. This being a holistic festival, it is open to people of all ages, and tickets are sold at different prices for different age groups. There are three options for passes: a four-day pass, a Saturday and Sunday pass, or just a Sunday pass. Tickets start at around 100 USD. Check out their website for more information on ticket sales and each of the different prices.

With regular adult admission, you are guaranteed a tent camping spot. A short walk away from the main grounds is a plot of land where you and your friends can pitch tents. It’s communal and crowded, but a great space for making friends!

If you are feeling extra fancy you can blow some big money on luxury “glamping” tents. These boutique spaces are equipped with a variety of amenities like AC, and come fully furnished. Their bohemian themed décor are sure to make all of your Instagram-ing dreams come true!

Wonderfruit_11If neither of these options sounds like your cup of tea, you can also stay in Pattaya, which is around 30 minutes away from “The Fields.” There you’ll find a myriad of different hotels and hostels! Or, if you happen to own an RV you can also drive onto the site and live in your own space in the RV camping area.

• There were lots of “porta potties” and showers that were cleaned everyday, but, unless you want to wait in line to shower, go in the early morning or late night!
• Make sure you bring earplugs! The tent camping is near a large stage and music plays all hours of the night! If you want any shuteye, earplugs are a necessity.

The food. Ah, oh my goodness. The food at this festival was UNREAL. Food trucks from all over Bangkok drive in and create little streets of feasting. They have every type of food imaginable, Italian, French, Indian, Vegan, Vegetarian, and of course Thai, and all of them have a sustainable mantra focusing on clean eating and organic living. All of these meals will be anywhere from 200-400 baht which is around 5-11 USD.

For around 50 USD you can partake in their “Wonderfeast” an elaborate outdoor banquet with many different courses made by award winning chefs, with all plates centered around ingredients from their onsite farm. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to bring in any food or drink. And believe me, they thoroughly check your bags. With this in mind, make sure to budget for all your meals to be paid for onsite.

Wonderfruit is completely paperless! All purchases are paid for through a chip on the wristband that you are given when you first arrive. You have the option to withdraw money and “load” it on to your wristband or you can attach a debit or credit card and have all transactions be paid for on it. If you don’t end up using all the money you loaded on to your wristband, during the last day of the festival you can reclaim it in cash no problem!

As far as security, they have many onsite lockers that are supervised. They charge a small fee per day, and locks are not included. But you can buy a lock at the festival for around 6 USD, or you can bring your own!

wonderfruit_3THINGS TO DO
Wonderfruit is so much more than just a music festival! Although there are multiple stages and a musical line up which boasts over 20 different artists, there is no shortage of nonmusical activities to partake in while you are at Wonderfruit. They have schedules every day that include everything from dream catcher making to honey tasting. They also have workshops, different speakers hosting talks, group yoga and meditations. In-between activities you can chill out in one of the many different large art instillations that offer shade, pillows and mellow vibes.

The following are must haves for any Wonderer!

• Sunglasses: The Fields are acres and acres of direct sunlight, you will need a great pair of sunnies and maybe even a cute hat as well!
• Toilet paper: toilets there are equipped with paper but it’s good to bring your own for when they run out!
• A refillable water bottle: in the spirit of sustainability and to reduce waste there are water bottle re-filling stations around the grounds. You will also save a ton of money choosing to refill rather than buying bottles there.
• A portable phone charger: there are solar paneled charging stations around the grounds but bring your own portable charger just incase you are on the move!

Wonderfruit_6In a world filled with music festivals, it’s hard to pick which ones you want to attend, but this year I highly suggest you put Wonderfruit at the top of your list! A combination of holistic wellness paired with art and music, makes it a must for any gal wanting to get in touch with her spiritual, artistic side. No matter who you are, if you enjoy, food, music, and community you are sure to have a blast at Wonderfruit. See you on The Fields! 

By We Are Travel Girls Contributor Kelsey Madison
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