January 31, 2018
10 Insider Tips Thailand's Full Moon Party

I bet every person reading this article has heard many legendary stories of the infamous Full Moon Party in Thailand and have been dying to see what this frenzy is all about! Having become somewhat of a staple for backpacking tourism in Thailand, thousands of travelers drop in every month on a Full Moon Night. The sandy shores of Haad Rin, Koh Phangan become their refuge for the night to unwind after a good dose of travel, to raise the roof and let out the wild party animal in them. 

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party

Don’t be boggled by the massive numbers when I say a Full Moon Party sees nothing less than 5,000 – 40,000 party lovers from every corner of the earth. Thousands of partygoers stringed out along the beach – dancing, drinking, repeating to some sick beats of EDM. The epic drops thumping up the beach lit up with strobe lights and fire players, it is truly ‘Da Bomb’!

Yes, you’ve got that right, there’s too much going on with too many people around, but we’d hate for you to miss out on having the best night out of your life. I am here to give you a low-down on how to make most of this incredibly cool party on the Thai shores with 10 insider tips to make sure you have a fun and safe Full Moon Party experience. 

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party


Getting to the island early could very well be the best decision of your life. There are thousands of travelers coming in just like you and let’s face it, down a few of those drink buckets and everyone will be looking for a place to crash at the end of the night. It’s better to be smart about it and get your accommodation sorted before heading out to the party. Get all your stuff sorted and go early to check out the scene at a pre moon party and get the mood going!

10 Insider Tips Thailand's Full Moon Party


Avoid taking any valuable items along with you to the party. Guzzling on drinks and some crazy dance moves later, those things are gonna be poof! You wouldn’t want to look like a fool rummaging through the sand looking for your earrings or your passport when there are thousands of people jumping and dancing around you. We’d love for you to keep your fingers intact so you can write to us about your experience in Thailand! Instead, take photocopies of important documents. Also, keep your valuables in a safe place locked away before leaving for the party.

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party


If you want to party truly in Full Moon style, then you have to paint yourself up with bright neon colors. Don’t worry, it’s not necessary and no one will be holding you down to paint all over you. It’s just how the party-goers get on with the vibe. And if you’ve been thinking about getting colorful art pieces on your body then you better get your hands on some cheap neon paint early on and plan ahead. Here’s an extra piece of advice for those going solo: split your paint with someone and in return ask them to paint you up. That’ll make things easy for you!

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party


You’ll find multiple fire dancers at the party adding to the thrill factor. But hold your horses if you feel like getting in on the thrill too. You’ll come across many people giving you a chance to skip flaming ropes. My advice is to decline. Come morning you’ll see many people leaving with burns on their arms and legs. Appeal to your better senses and please don’t be one of them; don’t ruin this epic night out for yourself!

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party


This isn’t one of those parties where you beg the bouncers to let you sit and gather yourself for a few more minutes past 4 in the morning. This is one of those parties where you check the time and think, “How are we still going on?”

Yes, the Full Moon Party literally goes through the night and extends way later than sunrise even. Pace yourself and get a grip on the party freak in you. You’ve got lots to do in the party, like maybe making a special connection, showing off your crazy dance moves, and seeing people fall flat on their behind and laughing at themselves. Trust me, you wouldn’t feel good missing out on these. It is advised that you get to the main beach no earlier than 11pm and let things unfold slowly. Aim for the sunrise people!

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party


Let me give you a run down first. The party takes place on the main strip which is close to the beach. Walk away from the main strip and you’ll find shops and stalls. These places away from the beach offer drinks at much cheaper rates than those available at the main party. You can save money by getting a few drinks from here. The main drink at the beach will be Thai Buckets which is basically Rum, soda and Red Bull up to the brim of a small-sized sand bucket. These are preferred by many as they are quite cheap compared to other drinks on the beach and are super effective! Just one can take you on a roller coaster ride and it is advised to take it easy so that you don’t get drunk too early.

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party


If you plan on sipping on Thai Buckets through the party, you should also keep in mind to keep yourself properly hydrated. It’s a long night and you can’t risk dehydration and what follows after it. So, drink ample amounts of water from time to time. Better yet, keep a bottle of water along with you and avoid the fuss of getting water again and again.

 10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party


If you are planning to go barefoot out to the beach, let me stop you there. Pick out a sensible shoe to keep your feet comfortable and protected. Owing to the party scene there are glass shards found in the sand and believe me nothing would put a damper on your party like a bleeding cut to your foot. Would you rather rave on about the amazing party or the injury you got at the party to your friends?

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party


Drugs are illegal in Thailand and drug-related offenses carry heavy penalties as well. Police officers are known to go undercover at the parties and pose as drug peddlers trying to catch tourists red-handed while buying. This is an epic night to remember. Don’t let a bad decision take that away from you or from the people with you. Keep up with the drink buckets and have a hell of a night!

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party


This is one of those nights that will go down in your memory book as one of the best nights ever, like EVER. A Full Moon party with your group or just by yourself after some good dose of volunteering and responsible traveling in Thailand can be a life-changing experience and also the perfect definition for a Voluntour. So, be on your guard but also don’t forget to let loose and have fun! Make lots of memories and Insta lots of pics and make your friends back at home jealous.

Keeping these 10 tips handy means an awesome night minus the sorrows and regrets the day after. The perfect concoction for having a blast on your Full Moon Night!

10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party

I hope that you found this article useful for providing insider tips to have the perfect Full Moon Party experience. Please share your own Full Moon Party or Thailand experiences in the comments below and let me know if you have any questions!

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10 Insider Tips To Thailand's Full Moon Party

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    This is such a great list; it’s so important to stay safe at a Full Moon Party. I would strongly suggest arranging a meet-up point. With so many people it’s far too easy to get lost. I didn’t want to take a phone so it helped to have somewhere to go if we got separated.

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