January 15, 2018
Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

This December, after having traveled for a month in Mexico, my sister and I made our way to Puerto Escondido. Although we had not planned on going to the Pacific Coast of Mexico at the beginning of our trip, we finally changed our return flight… twice! The main reason that we went to Puerto Escondido, at first, was to learn how to surf. In the end, we discovered so much more that it became difficult to leave! Let me explain why…

Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Honestly, having done a teeny tiny bit of surf before, we did not expect to extend our stay just because we wanted to surf more! And it’s likely that the school we chose has something to do with it! At first, we only booked 1 lesson to feel the vibe, but we ended up taking lessons for more than 2 weeks every single day. After less than a week of surfing, we had considerably improved our skills. For us this meant standing on a board without falling and taking waves all by ourselves without the little push to help you get the right speed. Our surf instructor, Pedro, always gave us the right advice and set our minds at ease. We weren’t surprised to learn he also was a life guard since he always came to help us survive the rollers when paddling back to the ocean. 

Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

What makes Oasis Surf School so unique is not only their experienced and amazing surf instructors, but also the friendly family vibe they have created. They organize lots of activities and make you feel included in Puerto’s life. After a while, our surf teacher became more than just an instructor. I can say now I am glad to count him as a friend of mine. He did make us discover Puerto the way locals live and invited us to share some of his hobbies. We owe him credit for helping us discover some of the great spots I share with you below.

Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Since I have a background in Environmental Biology, I found this particularly exciting! However, I’m sure you will too when you see huge dolphins swimming 15 meters from you! The perspective you have in the water – and on your surfboard – is something unique and quite magical that you will never be able to see from anywhere else! For us it’s only been a week and our encounter list includes dolphins, turtles, stingrays, as well as pelicans and flamingos flying very close to us.

Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Puerto Escondido is amazing because it’s alive! We arrived there not knowing it was a special month. Indeed, we were able to participate in a wide range of activities such as festivals, concerts, and sport and cultural events as part of what they call “Fiestas de Noviembre,” meaning “November’s Parties.” But do not worry if you are not visiting Puerto in November, there are always plenty of activities!

For example, every Wednesday, you can go see a movie on the beach of Zicatela or go salsa dancing all night long in Congo. On Thursdays, ladies, you will drink for free at Kaballah, a beach lounge on Zicatela’s beach.

Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

If you are more of a nature lover, you will also be able to release baby turtles in the ocean. You can easily find where to do it by asking around since Mexico’s Oaxacan coast is one of the world’s top five turtle nesting areas. You can also enjoy a nice horse ride on the beach or even go spearfishing! For those of you who are not fans of extreme sports, such as surfing the big waves, you can still enjoy a nice snorkeling time or strolling along the more pristine beaches of Carizalillo or Playa Coral. We had the amazing chance to go spearfishing with our surf instructor, Pedro. Well to be honest, he went spearfishing and we went gently snorkeling. We ended up eating the delicious fish he caught on the beach at lunch time.

Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico


I particularly love to watch the sunset. For me, it’s a purely magical moment, where I loose myself in the colors that Mother Nature offers. Here in Puerto Escondido, there are so many places you can go to watch the sun go down. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • For siping a cocktail in one of their numerous beach bars: Zicatela Beach, La Punta
  • For a cozier and smaller creek: Carizalillo Beach
  • For a wilder and isolated bay to admire the view: Go spend the day at Mazunte (about 1 hour by car from Puerto Escondido), stay there until the sunset and find la Punta Cometa.

Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Yes, you read that right! In Palapita Bar, you can drink the freshest piña colada in an actual pineapple. But wait, that’s not even the best part! You can refill your piña-glass for a dollar as many times as you want! Be ready to have a wild night! And don’t worry if you don’t like alcohol, you can also ask for a virgin cocktail or even just cut pineapple.

Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Here is a list of our favorite places for you to discover.


  • El Cafecito (also in Zicatela) – We love it for the widest range of breakfasts.
  • Palma Negra (also in Zicatela) – We love it for their creative ice cream taste and they are vegan friendly.
  • Fish Tacos El Viejo – We love it for the cheap and delicious tacos.
  • El Bunker de JP – We love it for the tastiest and freshest sashimi you’ll ever have for the cheapest price.


  • All the palapas restaurants on Carizalillo’s beach – We love it for the fresh fish and coconuts to savor on this paradise beach. You will feel like the happiest Robinson Crusoe on earth.


  • Revolucion – We love it for a drink at night and the beach vibe
  • Esmeralda – We love it for the simplicity of the place and the good latino music! It is the perfect place to gather your group of friends around drinks and pool tables for a night of fun.

La Punta

  • Lychee Thai Food – We love it for the Thai food, the “Bali” kind of atmosphere, and the vegan friendly options
  • Aloha Bowls – We love it for the poke bowls with the freshest fish in the cutest cabana on the beach
  • Moringa Fresh & Wild – We love it for the variety of vegan products they sell. A must for vegetarians!


We challenge you not to fall in love with one! 

Living the Surf Dream in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Have you traveled to any amazing surf spots? Please share your own adventures in the comments below. Read Next > Montanita Ecuador’s Coolest Coastal Surf Town

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