November 16, 2018
The Newbie Guide To Skiing

So you’re considering a skiing holiday, you’ve booked your first one or you’ve said no to joining your semi-professional-skiing-friends for the millionth time (time to message them and book that flight!). I recently went on my first ski trip aged 25 and here are my top tips focusing on the dumb things no one ever tells you but you need to know.


Sun cream your nostrils – I’m sorry what? Sun creaming your face seems obvious but up your nostrils are completely vital too! Sun reflects off the snow and right underneath your face and will burn your nostrils to a red, raw crisp, like mine.

The Newbie Guide To Skiing


Zip up your pockets – and no not for the obvious reason that your possessions may fall out. I learnt the hard way that unzipped pockets end up full of snow when you fall over, which in turn melts into slushy icy mush in your pockets which is very unpleasant for the remainder of the day.


Always sit down on the ski lift last – once your instructor/friend/family member has explained how they work you want to make sure you ALWAYS sit down last so the other passengers take the impact of the lift upon entry (and you avoid bruises). Unless you’re with children then maybe you should put their needs first?

The Newbie Guide To Skiing


Air out your gloves – again seems obvious saying this out loud but nobody told me and I ended the week with hands that smelt like fromage. Apparently you shouldn’t keep your gloves zipped up in your bag all night and instead air them like boots. Don’t be the smelly cheese hand girl like me on Day 5.


Don’t think about anyone else – the majority of people who surround you on the slopes (including the 5-year-olds) can ski a lot better than you. So don’t concern yourself with dodging them or looking behind you, they are more than capable of effortlessly avoiding you and some take joy from gliding in and around newbie skiers. For even more fun, go with a group of like minded people like to Austria with Travel Girls Getaways!

The Newbie Guide To Skiing


Ski schools are your nemesis – picture a train of 4-year-olds less than 1 metre apart following their instructor in a line, cute right? No, there will be at least 10 and they will take over the whole of your Green Slope. If you are anything like me, you will crash into a trail of children at least twice during your first week. Let them go first.


Sunglasses AND ski goggles – you need both! And not just because you want to look hella cool snow ploughing down the nursery slope but the weather changes so fast up the mountains! Ski goggles get very sweaty when the sun is out but equally if it’s snowing, goggles stop your face being covered in ice-cold precipitation.

Side Note – no one can see you crying underneath your ski goggles if your boyfriend decides to take you on a Red Slope on your first day. I’m a lucky girl.

The Newbie Guide To Skiing


Don’t drink and plough. Yes, you have seen those girls on social media boomeranging their wine glass at the top of the mountain BUT if you mimic this you will face plant. Or potentially worse, choose a Black run instead of your go-to Green Slope. Alcohol infused decisions are never your friend and don’t let that bottle of wine tell you-you’re an Olympic pro on your second day in the mountains. Breaking a bone is never fun.


Ask for ‘how to hold your skis’ lessons from a trusted friend. Picking up your skis, boots and poles is all very overwhelming – trying on different boots, clipping, unclipping, sitting, standing, sweating. Then you are expected to walk out of the shop to make space for other skiers but you have no idea how to even carry your equipment, let alone walk in your ski/space boots. Carrying your skis can’t be described in words so do yourself a favour and ask a friend.

The Newbie Guide To Skiing


Act confident and no one will question you. Wear the fancy kit, pose for those photos and spam everyone with snowy mountains. Nobody has to know you are face planting most days, walk the walk and you will get away with being snow queen.


Wear a backpack. I was warned not to bother and just take myself on the mountains as wearing a small backpack may tip me over…? However, I undoubtedly would be unbalanced 90% of the time so may as well carry my much-needed possessions with me. A water bottle is a must, as is packing emergency snacks to avoid hangry Sarah.

Don’t bother bringing the fancy camera up the mountain as you will fall over and break it. I opted for the GoPro which also meant I could capture great videos of me plummeting headfirst into a ski school and didn’t matter if it was covered in snow.

The Newbie Guide To Skiing


It’s not a holiday – although you will have booked time off work, told everyone you know you’re going away and updated your social media, at no point will you be relaxing. I repeat this is not a holiday. Sure it can be relaxing for those who can actually ski and they will be having a great time. You, on the other hand, will be pumped full of cortisol and adrenaline every moment your skis are attached to your feet. When you finally get back to your accommodation you will be so ridiculously exhausted that relaxing sounds like too much effort and food followed by the bed is your best option.

The Newbie Guide To Skiing

Despite returning home with a tone of these top tips I fell in love with skiing and the mountains. They say you either love it or hate it and I have definitely been hooked – so hopefully you will too! Let me know any other dumb skiing tips below as I will without a doubt need them next year.

I hope I’ve inspired you to go skiing or join our Austrian Alps Ski GetawayIf you have any questions about the destination please leave these in the comments below.

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The Newbie Guide To Skiing

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