December 27, 2017

Denver is filled with hidden gems, but since tourism has increased some are less hidden than others. These days, most iconic Denver destinations are packed with out-of-staters coming into the city. Between mountain climbers and pot enthusiasts, Colorado is full of adventure seekers searching for fun activities. This guide will help you avoid tourist traffic, navigate the city, and see some of the coolest attractions in Denver!

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


The 16th Street Mall is Denver’s most popular outdoor shopping area. It’s packed with famous chains, small town shops, restaurants, vendors, and quite often street performers. Whether it’s your first time visiting 16th Street or you’re a seasoned local, residents and tourists alike can find something fun to do.

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


With so much hype around 16th Street Mall, Larimer Square has remained a historical secret. Completed in 1858 with the help of architect William Larimer, it was Denver’s first commercial square and served as the busiest shopping district for many years. Today the square thrives on trendy dining, shopping and nightlife.

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


The U.S. Ice Core Lab lives within the Denver Federal Center on Kipling Street. Call in a few months ahead of time to reserve your tour and study more than 10 miles of ice cores. These samples were accumulated by many scientists from all over the world and are housed for future research on the planet’s climate and weather history. The lab is maintained at a pretty cold temperature, I recommend bringing a winter coat.

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


Spend an afternoon with internationally recognized tree-climber Harv Teitelbaum. Pick from climbs open to the public, or schedule a custom, private climb of your choice! Read about the benefits of tree climbing, then go and experience it for yourself.

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


Marjorie Park is one of five unique collections within the Denver Museum of Outdoor Arts, a multi-location exhibit spanning between Denver and Greenwood Village. The Marjorie collection is located next to Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre and is made up of 19 different statues and structures. Several are Alice and Wonderland themed, but the park has a few other unrelated pieces that are fun to explore. This park is one of my favorites in Denver: beautiful views and never too crowded — an ideal family spot.

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


The curiosity behind escape rooms has continued to grow over the last few years, expanding into most cities including Denver. Any puzzle lovers who haven’t heard will love this. Inspired by escape-the-room video games, entrepreneurs are creating life-like games of their own. Strategize with your group using hints and clues to escape (or decipher the room’s mystery). Every year more escape rooms open, here is a list of Denver’s

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


No better way to enjoy Denver’s unique history than on the city’s trolley. Previously known as the Platte Valley Trolley, it has serviced sight-seeing tourists for over 100 years! Start behind R.E.I. and trail along the South Platte River, down into the city. You will make pit stops at the children’s museum, the aquarium, and varying seasonal stops. It would have been nice to know about the Groupon beforehand, but it was definitely worth full cost.

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


To skip all things historic while visiting Denver would be a disservice to your cultural self. From massive collections at the Denver Art Museum to smaller exhibits like the Molly Brown House, the city has educational activities everyone can enjoy. The Denver Art Museum is an abundance of culture and art, organized by civilization. Park on the street, pay online to avoid lines and enjoy!

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


There are two USD production facilities that provide tours, one is in downtown Denver. The Denver Mint, now 225 years old, reveals the interesting money production process, as well as a rich history. The tour is appropriate and entertaining for all ages, although there are only same-day tickets available for sale. Usually this isn’t an issue, but during major holidays you would be wise to arrive a few minutes early.

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


After surviving the Titanic, Molly Brown became famous. She helped load lifeboats and was eventually rescued by the Carpathia. Before it reached land, she had created a Survivor’s Committee, been elected chair and raised almost $10K in survival aid. In 1932, the “unsinkable” girl lost her life to a brain tumor. She is remembered today as an icon in women’s history. Hear Molly’s story at Denver’s most compelling museum.

10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss

Finding fun things to do in the Mile High City is never a challenge. With dozens of recycled guides, the real trick is finding crowd-free spots to explore. There are plenty of hidden gems in Denver and these ten are a good place to start.

Have you been to Denver? If you have any additional tips for our readers or questions please leave these in the comments below.

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10 Denver Attractions Not To Miss


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  • Reply Tessa December 29, 2017 at 2:41 am

    All good recommendations except perhaps the 16th Street Mall. Unfortunately it’s a well known tourist destination and may not be safe, especially at night.

    Other spots I can recommend if you’re stopping in Denver on your way to the mountains; Union Station facing Wynkoop St. in the downtown area has been completely renovated and is a great spot to grab a bite to eat – try Stoic & Genuine if you like seafood – or hop on the California Zephyr train to the west coast or Chicago. Scenery going west is amazing!

    Another spot to try is the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum on the site of the former Lowry Air Force base. Lowry is a “town center” just to the east of downtown Denver and also has a lot of restaurants, bars and shops.

    If you like a funky vibe try the Stanley Marketplace at 2501 Dallas St. in Aurora. It’s a trendy renovated warehouse with shops and eaterys on the way from downtown back to DIA airport.

    You can see I’m focused on where to eat! 😉 Have fun, Denver is a great foodie town.

    • Reply We Are Travel Girls January 4, 2018 at 8:55 am

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing so much great information with our readers Tessa! Have a wonderful start to the year and we hope to meet at one of our events or trips in 2018! Becky, Founder – We Are Travel Girls

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