July 13, 2017
5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops In Austin

Austinites love their coffee and boy, they sure know how to do it right! Here are some of the best coffee shops in Austin that you must pay a visit to!

 5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops In Austin


Any Austin local is probably saying “duh” to themselves. But for any folks that are visiting, you should know that Mozart’s Coffee Roasters on a sunny day can’t be beat. Nestled right on Lake Travis, Mozart’s hosts long hours, delicious coffee and yummy pastries. I am a huge fan of their iced lattes and iced black tea. This is one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Austin, that’s for sure.

Why: The view | Pros: view, coffee, food | Cons: parking + WiFi can be spotty when crowded

5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops In Austin


Summer Moon Coffee Bar has two locations in Austin, boasting wood-fired, fair-trade coffee, but that’s not even the real kicker. The real deal is their moon milk. It’s some sort of sweet, delicious milk sent down from the heavens for us mere mortals to enjoy. I highly recommend a winter moon; it is the perfect balance of sweet, rich and refreshing. I promise you that Summer Moon’s coffee will be unlike any coffee you’ve ever had. As if that wasn’t enough, they also sell TacoDeli breakfast tacos until they run out. Can it get any better?

Why: The Coffee | Pros: coffee, breakfast tacos | Cons: Why can’t it be closer to my apartment?!

5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops In Austin


Cherrywood Coffeehouse is the perfect mix of excellent coffee, delicious food and beautiful aesthetics. The lanterns provide a soft, warm glow making this an excellent and relaxing environment to study, work, blog, etc. They have everything ranging from small snacks and pastries to full meals. I highly recommend the breakfast tacos. Any of them. All of them. Also, they’re huge! For your caffeine addiction, try the iced mocha latte!

Why: The food + atmosphere | Pros: The “whole package” | Cons: You might drive right by it if you didn’t know where it was!

5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops In Austin


Although famous for their chicken and waffles, the aesthetics of The Factory blew my mind. From swings to a secret book case that leads to the bathroom, this coffee shop is an Instagrammer’s dream come true. The mural-decked walls and bare hanging light bulbs give this place an artsy yet cozy vibe. I highly recommend the “Marymint Monroe” for all of you Thin Mint lovers out there (it doesn’t have thin mints in it but it tastes like it does) or their “15 Minutes of Fame” which packs a punch with a hint of sweetness.

Why: The aesthetics and specialty drinks | Pros: Aesthetics | Cons: Can be a little pricey

5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops In Austin


Monkey Nest is a great place to study, work, blog, etc. The atmosphere is warm & friendly but what encourages me to spend countless hours here is knowing that they have healthy food options. They have delicious salads and sandwiches but whatever you get, you must try the Persian Iced Tea. I’ve had a lot of iced tea in my years on this Earth but I must say that this tea is one of my favorites. Their small parking lot fills up fast so get there early!

Why: You can feel good about what you’re putting in your body | Pros: Tea | Cons: Parking

5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops In Austin


You’d drive right by La Tazza Fresca if you didn’t know where it was. That’s part of its charm. This small coffee shop has a laid back, artsy vibe that boasts late hours for those infamous student all-nighters before exams. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get the pizza. It takes a little while to make but boy is it worth it. Who knew that some of the best pizza I would ever have would be at a coffee shop? The Mango Black Iced Tea and the Banana Mocha Milkshake are also to die for. There is limited seating here compared to other coffee shops and you may have to park in the neighborhood, get there early!

Why: Pizza | Pros: Food, Milkshakes | Cons: Parking is tedious. You can park in the neighborhoods or even next door at the Laundromat.

 5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops In Austin

Have you been to Austin? Do you have a favorite coffee shop in Austin or somewhere else? Please share with our readers in the comments below! Read Next > Solo Road Trip Across The United States

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 5 Can’t Miss Coffee Shops In Austin




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