August 21, 2018

There are many reasons to be drawn to Seville, Andalucía’s capital city. But it’s the city’s creative vibes that have always stood out to me. Seville’s creative soul can be felt in the cafés, art spaces, and underground flamenco dance studios. There you’ll meet the interesting artists that bring creative energy to the city, or perhaps be inspired on your own creative journey. So whether you’re visiting for a weekend or for life, here is a collection of tried-and-true hangouts for creatives in Seville, all located within its city center.

7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville

Seville has stunning weather, more of a Spanish feel than some of its similar-sized counterparts, and beauty at every corner (no exaggeration here). It also offers a rich art and culture scene, which spans beyond the countless museums and tourist attractions that, of course, have their own interesting story to tell. I found the creative heartbeat of Seville anywhere from cafes to bars to art galleries. Here are some of my favorite creative hangouts in the city.


Welcome to Caotica, a cozy bookstore-meets-café. This one is for the writers and readers among you. Aside from its upstairs bookstore, the staff also puts one book on each table, to offer some inspiration if you’re looking for a good book. Also, it splits up its tables, so some areas allow you to work on your laptop, and others do not. This breeds good old fashioned café chats and non-techy creating. So be warned, you may see people choosing to unplug and use the classic pen and paper combo. Swing by on the right day, and you might catch a book launch!

7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville


The Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art is a beautiful museum that is dedicated to contemporary art located in Seville. But there are two reasons why it is an especially notable creative hangout. First, it is an especially good place to watch for weekend musical events. Offering varied music genres from indie rock to reggae, you can find yourself enjoying a festival or a jam session, thanks to their lively events calendar. Note that this slows down somewhat during the height of summer. And second, it offers some of the most beautiful gardens in the city, make time for a magical stroll. Don’t forget your camera!

7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville


Craft beer, feminist merch, and regular art displays are the metaphorical cocktail served by this popular bar in the center. This reasonably priced creative hangout offers small beers starting at just one euro (cañas as the Spanish call it). But beer-lovers can also take the opportunity to sample specialist Andalucían brews. Visit the bar often enough and you will enjoy the changing art displays on the walls. Created by locals, it is always a conversation starter, and, if you happen to visit on a launch evening, the bar is buzzing with creatives with whom you can connect.

Fun fact: The bar is only two minutes from the famous modern architecture masterpiece, Las Setas de la Encarnación. Pay the sit a visit before you stop into La Jeronima!

7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville


Let there be light. With glass walls surrounding this space, it is bathed in natural sunlight, which is a definite plus for a workplace or creative hangout. This place has a stage for musical acts, nice large tables for really spreading out with your projects, and a room dedicated to local art displays. Opening later in the day, but still offering a working-from-laptop feel, this is a great place to create in the evening. You can also enjoy its craft beer selection or miscellaneous workshops. The open plan space, with upstairs private space, is also available for private events and photo shoots, so it can be a great place to get your creative project rolling!

7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville


This space is a creative melting pot of a café, bookstore, and art gallery. It also offers pottery classes where you can learn how to make some stunning teapots, mugs, and more. I have actually started pottery classes with them recently! If you follow their social networks you can stay informed of book launches and poetry readings, or even host your own event. Although this is a smaller and more intimate space than some of the others on this list, the visuals of the space are particularly impressive, with a lot of surreal details that make you look twice and think. Prices are very reasonable too.

7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville


This place is popular for a reason. If you love the idea of an intimate performance of live music, in a central location, you must swing by this jazz café. This place has live and reliably good quality music, with reasonably priced drinks. And, it is situated next to Alameda De Hercules, which is somewhat of a hub in Seville for various food, nightlife, and sporadic pop-ups! Guests are not expected to pay for the music but can offer contributions, so it’s a pretty safe choice for your wallet.

7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville


Your reliable lively hipster café with mismatched furniture, run by Sevillanos and promoting local art. Open all day, you don’t have to worry about the siesta break with this café. If your coffee date or work day runs into the evening, you can stay for their tasty cocktails or vegan menu. Meat-eaters need not sweat either, as there is another menu offering hot dogs, sandwiches, and cheese. Check in with their cultural calendar if you plan to stop by, as you might catch the launch of a new art exhibition!

Fun fact: they offer readily available tap water on the side. It is also wheelchair accessible.

7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville

These are my top seven places to go that allow me to be surrounded by Seville creativity. For me, this is useful not only for beautiful pictures, but to also get a feel for the soul of the city, and connect with locals in an easier way. Are you visiting soon, or perhaps planning to make your move here? If so, I hope you are mesmerized by Seville, and that your visit to one (or all) of these places proves to be a highlight in some way! Make sure you pin or favourite this article for when it comes in handy.

Have you been to Seville? If you have any additional tips for our readers or questions please leave these in the comments below.

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7 Hangouts for Creatives in Seville

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