November 6, 2018

When planning a trip to Bali, you will no doubt find yourself stopping off in Canggu or Seminyak. Bali is great because it caters to everyone, from the beach bums to the highly active. Some people can spend all day poolside, book in hand, glued to their sun lounger; and others that lie down for 10 minutes before getting restless, jumping up to find something to do and sprinting into the sea. Can you guess which category I fall into?!

If the prospect of sitting still all day long has you reaching for your trainers already, find out how you can incorporate a little health and fitness in the sedentary part of your next trip to Canggu, Bali!

A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali


Staying active in Canggu is hardly a challenge, but if you find yourself following the holiday motions of lazing all day, consider injecting the following activities into your day:


Conveniently located in the heart of Canggu lies The Practice. With at least 4 classes a day for a range of abilities you can choose to start or end your day in upward dog. I took both the Sun Hatha and Moon Hatha class whilst in Canggu and would recommend an Intermediate level class for those who have practiced before, as the Beginner class was very, very slow moving. The Practice has a gorgeous aesthetic and welcomes yogis to hang out on their bean bags and even provides showers should you have come straight from the beach.

Located to the north of Canggu lies Udara Bali which boasts an epic pool alongside yoga classes including acro yoga, should you need a challenge! They also offer week-long retreats so you can spend your mornings in the studio and afternoons beachside.

A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali


The waves in Canggu mirror those of the Caribbean, with many expats and locals spending their days watching the wind and taking to the waves when conditions suit. Take a stroll along the beach front and hunt down a local instructor yourself.


With waves this good, it’s no surprise Canggu is a surf hot spot. Board hire shops are abundant on Batu Bolong beach and you can easily rent one for your entire trip duration. Board rentals typically go for around 100,000 Rupiah (~$7 USD). Equally, surf instructors are in excess and can take you out for a refresher lesson or show you the basics from scratch!

A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali


If the idea of spending hours falling face first into foam with a surfboard doesn’t sound appealing, renting a bodyboard can provide that midday thrill instead. Keeping you active and in the water paddling for hours. Just be sure to watch out for surfers and the riptide!


An active trip to Bali isn’t complete without hiking Mount Batur. Depending on who you talk to, recounts of the hike may come across as polar opposites. Before I went I was told countless times the hike was incredible and to make it my number one priority yet was met by a queue of tourists up the mountain. The hike is commonly undertaken in the dark, so to reach the summit for sunrise meant an extensive ant trail of head-torched tourists following the trail with a crowded sunrise at the top. Not quite the epic hike I had envisioned.

I can imagine the hike being memorable for the right reasons during low season and the views over the region are breathtaking with sunrise (just try to avoid the crowds, if possible!) The hike itself is only challenging due to the darkness and with a good level of fitness (and trainers) can be easily undertaken. To fully prepare for the hike, be sure to read 6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiking Mount Batur.

A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali


With exercise ticked off, next up is ensuring you are fuelling your body with the good stuff. It’s no shock that Canggu has plenty of healthy cafes and restaurants, catering to all dietary needs.

A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali


An Instagram favourite. Not only is the café aesthetically pleasing with pink walls and washed wood, but the food is also mega-healthy! Smoothie bowls, juices, protein waffles, salads to name a few. Pick The Loft as your pre-yoga breakfast spot.

A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali


Not far from Batu Bolong beach lies Beach Garden In the Raw my absolute favourite restaurant in Canggu. Lunch or dinner, simply wander from the beach and set up camp here. Not only is the menu amazing but they have raw-vegan sweet treats to grab on the go for a surfing snack. Try the 4-seed energy bar or peanut protein ball. Plus if the owner is around, say hi to his wolf!

A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali


A favourite with my practically-personal-trainer-best-friend was The Common for dinner. Dairy-free pesto pasta filled our tummies as did Buddha bowls of salad with plenty of avocado to go around. Perfect fuel for a busy day on the water!


A health-conscious lunch spot further up from the beach, Cafe Organic ticks all the foodie boxes with Chia Puddings, Kombucha and epic toast. Not a dinner spot unless you are a happy tea total.

A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali


Yes, this is a health and fitness guide and I’m talking about ice cream. But when it’s made from coconuts and is fully vegan I’m sure you can forgive me. Sugar = glucose = fuel for your cells, so that’s exercise food right there? Mint choc-chip, salted caramel, and rainbow flavours with vegan waffles and sprinkles YES PLEASE. (One day I balanced two yoga classes with three trips to Mad Pops, goals I know).

A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali

Here’s hoping that by the end of your stay in Canggu you will be fitter than before, although I won’t judge you if you only use the Health section of this guide to eating your way around instead!

Have you ever been on a health and fitness trip? If you have any questions about the destination please leave these in the comments below.

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A Health And Fitness Guide To Canguu, Bali

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