April 26, 2017
Ladies We Love: Mel Wells of the Goddess Revolution

Ladies We Love is an interview series with women from around the world that provide us inspiration through their travels and their personal stories. This month we got to know Mel Wells of the Goddess Revolution!

Mel is a superwoman! She runs a successful business inspiring women to establish a new relationship with food, she recently published a book, and she runs an 8 week course to help woman fall back in love with their body. Our intern Shannon was lucky enough to sit down and talk with Mel about her amazing accomplishments, her advice for living a healthier life (especially while traveling!), and her thoughts on how we can all help boost each other’s self confidence in a world often plagued with gossip.

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1. Congratulations on your amazing book! You have inspired females around the globe to live a more confident and fulfilling life. How did you come up with the content in this book?

Thank you so much! The book really came through my soul. It feels like my life’s work. I struggled for many years with my relationship with food, eating disorders and body image issues, and there is so much that I have learned through my journey to loving myself, and learning to love food again – I feel like it is a disservice not to share with other women going through similar struggles. I hope it gives them the breakthrough they need.
Ladies We Love- The Goddess Revolution- Make Peace with Food, Love Your Body and Reclaim Your Life

  2. The Green Goddess Academy is a revolutionary new way of thinking that changes the way you see food and your body, promoting a healthy lifestyle and positive way of viewing yourself. How did you design the course and when will we be able to sign up for the next session?

The Academy is my step by step teaching system to help take a woman from chronic yoyo dieter to in love with herself, her food and her body again. I am really proud of this course and so far we have had over 300 women go through it! It will be reopening in Spring time, I am not 100% on the dates yet as it depends on my travel schedule. But I can’t wait to welcome more Goddesses into the fold. I am really so proud of the program and we’ve had incredible results from it.

3. In an interview with David Garland you mentioned growing your email list from 2,000 to 10,000 followers in less than 4 months. Why do you think it became successful so quickly?

Honestly? I got lucky. I just learned how to use Facebook ads and got one video ad up that generated a lot of list building. Since then things have slowed down and Facebook keep changing things. It’s hard to keep up!

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4. Early in your career you planned to pursue TV acting in Los Angeles. How did you shift from that to creating your own brand as a health coach?

The TV and acting world was constantly testing my integrity and values. Especially in LA. I felt like I was not in control of my own life, and the more and more passionate I began to grow about food and health, the less and less passionate I was about acting. It felt like I was clinging to something and trying to force it to work, but it just wasn’t my path anymore. When I finally broke it off with my agent, it felt like I had released such a huge weight off my shoulders. I felt like I was free to be my own person, and pursue what I really thought could make a difference in the world.

5. You are currently living in Bali, but originally are from the UK . How has your diet evolved since moving to South East Asia?

Well one things for sure, I haven’t been cooking! *face palm* There’s a lot of guilt that comes with that for me, as I love being in the kitchen! But in Bali its so easy to eat out all the time, its all healthy, its all cheap, its all INCREDIBLE so whats not to love! I’ve definitely been eating better since getting here. I feel it in my energy levels, my body and my skin. And the wine here is so expensive, it means I’ve been drinking much less too. Win win! 😉
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6. It can be really hard to eat healthy and exercise while traveling, what advice do you have about being healthy on the road?

Do your best! And don’t beat yourself up. If you choose a life that means you’re on the road, choose it and own it! Don’t give yourself a hard time for not getting in the gym or finding local places straight away. Travelling can take its toll on our bodies so we need to respect that. Each choice you make, ask yourself if it’s a nourishing one? Is this food nourishing for my body, or nourishing for your soul? Just staying aware of the choices you’re making will go a long way. I love to exercise but I’m not a 5x a week kinda girl. A few times is enough for me to feel like I’m staying active and moving my body how it likes to be moved. One thing I still haven’t cracked is a self practice in yoga. I would love to roll out the mat every morning and practice in my own space wherever I am – but I can’t want it that much, because it hasn’t happened yet 😉

7. We as females often spend time breaking each other down instead of building each other up. How can we as a group better support one another in the plight for self love and self care?

Remembering that we are ALL the same. Us women need to love each other and appreciate each other and TELL each other. Sisterhood is everything. I grew up in Performing Arts school where the girls were always competing and picking each other apart or tearing each other down. It taught me a lot and also taught me that I don’t want to raise a daughter who thinks thats normal. When the walls come down and we are able to be vulnerable around other women, show our flaws, we RELATE to each other more, and we realize that deep down we are ALL the same, we are all connected, and we are all expressions of love. Every woman needs more love. Every woman deserves to be told she’s beautiful. Don’t hold back. I’m a huge appreciator of other women. I’m constantly telling strangers how beautiful they are or how they are slaying in that outfit. You never know, you could make someone’s day.

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8. What tips can you share with our readers for feeling more confident in your own skin?

Confidence is something that comes with practice and from within. If you want to feel more confident, my first piece of advice is to actually get IN to your body. So many women are totally disconnected from their bodies and feel like they are just lugging them around all day, stuffing them with food, not really paying attention to them. LISTEN to your body. MOVE your body in a way that feels good to move. CONNECT to your inner body wisdom. When you realize that you and your body are on the same team, and you don’t need to FIGHT your body you only need to work WITH her and love her, you will have confidence from within and that will show. Don’t just pay attention to your physical health, pay attention to your mental, emotional and spiritual health too.

9. What simple changes can we have to our daily routine to make us feel better able to tackle life’s challenges?

Adopting a positive mindset – a growth mindset! A growth mindset is one that enables you to always see setbacks or perceived failures as lessons and ways in which you can grow and learn. Instead of thinking of all the reasons why you can’t achieve your goal, or why it’s too hard, think of all the reasons why you CAN. Instead of seeing others as your competitors, see them as your colleagues – there’s enough pie for everyone, and the pie just keeps on growing. Doing daily mindset work and paying attention to my own thoughts, beliefs and stories that I tell myself has totally changed my life. Back in my acting days, I was in the business of being negative, a scarcity mindset or feeling like I was never enough, never had enough, and never going to achieve enough. I loved having a moan. Now I see how that was literally creating the life I was seeing. Now, I watch the thoughts and words that come out of my mouth and am aware of what I’m creating.


Ladies We Love: Mel Wells Beach Image10. What are your next steps for growing your business or your brand?

I’m working on a second book which will be more focused on Food and Spirituality. I’ll also be reopening enrollment for the Academy again, which I’m so excited about!

11. How can our girls follow along with your journey and get involved in the Goddess Revolution?

Follow me on my social channels or head over to my website at to join my tribe!

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