May 11, 2017
How to Take Stunning Photos in Antelope Canyon

Located in Navajo nation near Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon is the most photographed slot canyon in the world. With walls like waves and vivid colors of red and purple, Mother Nature is bound to inspire and leave you with feelings of wonder and awe. If you’re curious on how to take the best pictures to remember your experience for years to come, here are some of my best tips for photographing Antelope Canyon!

How to Take Stunning Photos in Antelope Canyon


In order to get the best light possible for your pictures in the canyon, use a slower shutter speed between 2 and 6 seconds. Because you’re keeping the shutter open for so long to let more light in, set the aperture anywhere between F11 to F18. I also highly recommend shooting in RAW in order to produce high quality images since JPEG format compresses the files.

How to Take Stunning Photos in Antelope Canyon


If you’re shooting with a slow shutter speed, a tripod is a must for sharp images! A self timer also helps so you don’t cause any vibration when pressing the shutter button. It’s also great if you want to take a self-portrait so you can set up the exact shot you want and you don’t have to ask anyone to take your picture! Using the widest angle lens possible helps capture the most scenery in the canyon, but try not to change lenses inside the canyon since it is very dusty!

How to Take Stunning Photos in Antelope Canyon


It’s beautiful to see the canyons any time of year, but the best time to see the coveted light beams shining through the canyon is between March and October from 10 AM – 12 PM. Also keep in mind that “Monsoon Season” is prevalent during the months of July through September, when heavy thunderstorms and flash floods are common so it’s best to have an extra day in the area just in case. Plus you can check out Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell, which are close by! If traveling to the area during the off season, it’s best to photograph the canyons early in the morning before the harsh sunlight creeps in.

How to Take Stunning Photos in Antelope Canyon


Both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon are stunning, but personally my favorite is Lower because it is less populated with tourists, making it easier to photograph. Upper Antelope Canyon is usually packed because the beautiful sunbeams that shine through are more dramatic and the canyon itself is bigger. The best way to get amazing pictures is to take the photography tour, which is more expensive than the regular tour, but the guides give you an extra hour in the canyon and they show you how to “chase the light” and also block off the canyon to ensure other tourists don’t get in your shot.

How to Take Stunning Photos in Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is truly a work of art by Mother Nature and so inspiring to visit! Enjoy!

Have you been to Antelope Canyon? Please share your experience in the comments below! Read Next > 9 Tips For Visiting Lower Antelope Canyon

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How to Take Stunning Photos in Antelope Canyon

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    Thanks so much for this post – I am going to Anteloupe Canyon next month and am a keen photographer! I think we have booked a tour around 10am although i will now be double checking and thanks for the tip on lower vs upper canyon!

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    Tripods are no longer allowed in the canyon and the photographers tour is not run anymore…
    In the absence of these what are ur photography tips for canyon shots please…

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