October 16, 2017
7 Beautiful Islands To Visit If You Are Seeking Peace & Quiet

People travel for a lot of different reasons, one reason maybe to take a break from everyday life and take a trip to an island with peace and quiet. The following seven islands are beautiful and offer peace and quiet in a tranquil environment. Let’s consider the following trips to take to get some peace and quiet.

7 Beautiful Islands To Visit If You Are Seeking Peace & Quiet


Kauai, also called the “Garden Island,” is the northernmost of Hawaii’s island. It is also one of the least developed, for a local rule mandates that no building can be taller than a coconut tree – about 40 feet. It, therefore, doesn’t have the gigantic resorts found on other islands. Visitors instead may choose from bed & breakfasts, condominiums, and timeshares.

Kauai is famous for its beaches that provide a lot of opportunity for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. It also boasts rivers ideal for kayaking. Landlubbers can enjoy the main biking and hiking trails on the island. Kauai also has several parks including the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument that is home to over 1,000 endemic plant and animal species.

7 Beautiful Islands To Visit If You Are Seeking Peace & Quiet


Bocas Del Toro is a group of islands off Panama’s Caribbean Coast. They are sometimes described as being part of Panama’s Caribbean West region. There are nine main islands, 52 cays, and countless islets. Isla Colon is the largest, most populated and busy island. Isla Solarte boasts some of the best spots for scuba diving and snorkeling in Bocas Del Toro. The accommodations there are more likely to be retreats or eco-lodges than traditional hotels. Isla Bastimentos is one of the larger islands and is known for its spectacular and remote beaches. One, Long Beach, is a nesting site for leatherback turtles that lay their eggs between February and August.

7 Beautiful Islands To Visit If You Are Seeking Peace & Quiet


Saint Barthélemy, also known as Saint Barths, is a luxurious island in the Caribbean. It boasts beaches, shops, spas and gourmet restaurants. As per island law, no building can be taller than a palm tree, so there are no massive resorts. The hotels are small, and most of them are villas. Since Saint Barthélemy caters to a high-end ground those villas will still have every luxury one could desire.

Gustavia is the capital and has many premium shops and restaurants. Saint Barthélemy has a heavy French influence; French is one of the main languages, and many of the restaurants serve French or Creole cuisine. Sailing is a popular activity; people can rent boats or take sailing lessons.

7 Beautiful Islands To Visit If You Are Seeking Peace & Quiet


Koh Yao Noi, one of the most quiet islands in Thailand, is the smaller of two islands in the Phang Nga Bay on Thailand’s Andaman coast. It is comparatively undeveloped, and it received the World Legacy Award for Destination Stewardship in recognition of its efforts to maintain local traditions. Koh Yao Noi can be easily reached via ferry from Phuket at Bang Rong Pier on Phuket’s east.

Traveling from Phuket is the most popular ways to visit Koh Yao Noi since it is the main Thailand’s island hopping hub. There are two of the popular port visitors accommodation in Koh Yao Noi still includes luxury resorts and some businesses offer bungalows designed and decorated in the traditional Thai manner. There are a number of things to do in Koh Yao Noi. A visitor may simply enjoy the natural beauty in the form of beaches or mountains. They can also try sailing, kayaking or diving. Koh Yao Noi also has its share of restaurants.

7 Beautiful Islands To Visit If You Are Seeking Peace & Quiet


One of the 18,000 islands that make up Indonesia, Bali is sometimes described as the “island of the gods.” It is large with a diverse array of attractions that will appeal to anybody from backpackers to the very rich seeking the ultimate in luxuries. There are many hotels and villas in Bali, and they range from basic to ultra-luxurious. Bali is considered a world-class destination for diving and surfing. It also has many spas and yoga retreats. Bali, however, is especially famous for its temples; there are 20,000 of them. Many visitors also enjoy Balinese dance and music.

7 Beautiful Islands To Visit If You Are Seeking Peace & Quiet


Fiji is actually an archipelago that consists of over 330 islands that lie between Hawaii and New Zealand. About a third of the islands are inhabited. The various islands are famous for their natural beauty that include beaches and palm trees. Hikers can enjoy the Bouma National Park or the Kula Eco Park; the latter is known for its wildlife.

The island Nadi is home to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant that contains 20 hectares of native orchids, a lily pond, and many other plants. Along with peace and quiet visitors can also enjoy golfing, kayaking or whitewater rafting. Hotels range from very basic to extremely luxurious.

7 Beautiful Islands To Visit If You Are Seeking Peace & Quiet


The Philippines is a vast archipelago consisting of over 7,000 islands located between the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea. Boracay is one of the islands, and it is about an hour’s flight from the capital, Manila. It is famous for its beaches, especially the aptly named White Beach with its sugary white sand. The beach, which is open to the public, is big enough to be divided into three sections. Popular water-based activities include sailing, scuba diving, kite boarding and skim boarding. Boracay also boasts a number of spas that can fit any budget from very basic “massage stations” to luxurious and elaborate operations.


As can be seen, there are many trips to take to gain some peace and quiet. There are many possible diversions, ranging from sailing to visiting ancient temples. One can also choose between roughing it or being pampered. There are no limits. 

Have you ever been on a trip for peace and quiet? We’d love to hear your advice and tips in the comment section below! Read Next > Tahiti and Bora Bora: The Most Amazing Islands In The Pacific Ocean

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